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Welcome to Styles by San!

Major update (please read):

Hi everyone! I am due in September with my first baby! 🥰 Therefore, I will no longer be taking orders past August 20th. Since most things are made to order, I want to give myself time to make them and not be too close to my due date. Then I will be taking some time off to be a new mama! I am not sure when I will be taking orders again so please get your orders in ASAP!! Thank you all for understanding ❤️






about me

Interested in a whole sale order? Please message me on Instagram (@styles_bysan_) or fill out the custom order page on this website!

Hi guys!! My name is Sandra! I am 26 years old and I am from Buffalo, New York. Creating is my passion! I absolutely love making and designing things. I have always loved to DIY and to make things my own! Please don't be afraid to ask about changing up designs, colors, etc! I will almost always be able to make it work! Thank you in advance for the support! I appreciate every single one of you! And as always, GO BILLS!!! 

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